Making it Work - 90 Minds Affiliate Insider Series Interview with ScanForce

By Moira Goggin posted 10-13-2019 19:59


​A recent interview with Steve Showalter highlighted scanning solutions need not just speed but flexibility. Ultimately the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of the solution make all the difference on the impact on your business.  Scans have to be fast and right, and ScanForce is a proven winner in this area.  The 15-minute interview with Steve, linked here, provides real-world examples from a firm that takes to heart the effect an excellent scanning solution can have on an organization's productivity, accuracy, and future growth.  ScanForce provides solutions for Sage 100 and now is a provider of outstanding solutions for Sage Intacct too. 

The Affiliate Insider Series is a benefit for 90 Minds members.  This series provides a close-up look, from the partner/consultant perspective, on the Affiliate’s products and programs.  The Insider’s webinar, exclusive for members, is prepared and presented by a consultant member of 90 Minds.  We find the member-to-member viewpoint of working with the Affiliate increases collaboration with the consultant and Affiliate and drives the success of the product/service for the end-user. 

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