Why ScanForce? How about a million reasons? by Darcy Boerio

By Moira Goggin posted 03-06-2019 19:37

One of the most common questions we get from 90 Minds members is, “What makes you different from the competition?”.

While there are many boxes that can be checked on a feature comparison list, what you won’t see is what’s behind the scenes in our superior mobile data capture technology. While we build tools that allow Sage 100 users to streamline warehouse operations, at the root of it all is the technology those tools interact with.

Item retrieval speed is crucial to us, and we take it very seriously. When we add new features, we make it a priority to be sure that we don’t introduce anything that will slow the environment down, not even just a little.

When you use barcode technology with Sage 100, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. When an item is scanned, multiple lists of data must be referenced before the correct item can be retrieved. For example, if you have UPC codes related to vendor part numbers, those need to be indexed during retrieval so the correct part can be associated. Any degradation in speed can result in lost time, frustration, and ultimately lack of adoption in the warehouse.

That’s why we decided to put our speed to the test. Our development team thought it would be fun (yes, “fun”, and we know some of you can relate!) to set up a test environment with 1,000,000 inventory items and compare how long it would take to deliver results using various data retrieval options.

This infographic shows the results compared with Visual Integrator, Item Lookup in Sage, and ScanForce. (click to view full image and zoom).

Million Record Challenge
With ScanForce, whether you have 50 records or 1,000,000, there is virtually no delay between the time an item is scanned and when it shows on the handheld display. We’re talking milliseconds!

Record Challenge Screen
Because our sophisticated architecture doesn’t require us to connect to other systems or do anything other than look directly at the Sage 100 database, we’re able to offer this nearly instantaneous response when scanning.

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