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By Darcy Boerio posted 12-13-2020 13:54

Workflows in the Warehouse

For many in the 90 Minds and Sage 100 community, when we think of warehouse management for Sage 100, we think of barcode scanning and maybe multi-bin management.

But a great warehouse management solution doesn’t just substitute barcode scanning for manual data entry in your existing process. It actually has the power to improve your operations by adding in new workflows to further streamline your processes. A great warehouse management solution for Sage 100 is built on the experience of years of learning about the challenges faced by warehouse operations not only with automating shipping and receiving, but with respect to workflows in Sage 100. Down to the smallest detail, ScanForce has thought of it all!

To that end, we’ve created a playlist of 3-5 minute videos that highlight individual features and enhancements that Sage 100 users can take advantage of, both in Sage and in the warehouse.

Outbound Serialization - An alternative to using a Serialized Inventory Valuation Method, Outbound Serialization lets you track individual items on a sales order for traceability, warranties, etc.

Alias Unit of Measure - If you have items with multiple units of measure, you know how complex it can be to translate one UOM to another. ScanForce simplifies this process by allowing you to store multiple units of measure and related multipliers in Sage using the Alias Item record. When the Alias is used for an inventory transaction, the quantity is multiplied by the factor.

Transfer Request Management - It’s easy to document an inventory transfer on its own, but if you need full visibility and control from the initiation to accurate completion of a transfer, this feature allows you to do just that.

Directed Picking - Packing slips are great, but most of the time, simply picking items in order from top to bottom on a packing slip is not the most efficient path through the warehouse. This workflow provides a roadmap for each order to cut down on criss-crossing and backtracking, speeding up the fulfillment process.

Sales Order Picking - Access Sales Order details directly from Sage on the mobile device. The mobile device will then direct the user by bin location to pick items for staging. Pick orders in phases or completely in one pass. Sage is automatically updated when the session is complete.

Wave Picking - Reduce unnecessary trips across the warehouse by grouping Sales Orders together allowing you to pick multiple orders at a time.

Pick to Pallet - Stage orders on pallets to save time during Shipping Data and/or Invoice entry. Simply stage the items then scan the Pallet ID tag at shipping.

Ship All & InstaShip - When an order has been completely staged, Ship All & InstaShip let you ship the entire order without the need to scan each individual line/item at checking & packing.

Container Receipt Management (CRM) - When items are stuck on the water or otherwise in transit, but you have to account for the inventory on your books, CRM provides a workflow to record the receipt without reflecting the inventory as being available for sales until it physically reaches the warehouse.

Click on the links above to watch the individual videos, or you can watch the entire playlist here:
ScanForce Highlighted Features

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