B2B Delivery is Essential: Mobile Tools Make it Easy from xkzero Mobile Commerce

By Anne Sawyer posted 10-01-2021 14:33


B2B Delivery is Essential: Mobile Tools Make it Easy 

We’ve all given a lot of thought recently to essential workers and businesses. From obvious areas like healthcare and public services like police and firefighters, to folks working at the local grocery store. People without whom we would not have health care, a social safety net, or access to food.  

Another area of essential work is supplying local businesses with food, fuel, and other must-have items. From supplying grocery stores, to delivering oil and supplies to service stations, and many things in between, these drivers and their businesses are a key part of maintaining a normal society.  

But the processes these businesses use are typically paper based, filled with forms and checklists, and take an inordinate amount of time.  

Since the inception of mobile devices, software companies have tried to integrate the process needs of distributors that rely on mobile B2B (direct) delivery with ERP. These systems (and their apps) have fallen short. These shortcomings have included addressing only a part of the delivery distribution process, adding a transaction data silo outside of the ERP system, and creating burdensome mobile processes. 

For example, stand-alone (native) apps tend to work with the software publishers back end only, creating data silos. And web based apps won’t work if a driver goes to a remote location (or works in the mountains).  

xkzero has considered all these key processes unique to delivery distribution companies and has built a comprehensive mobile experience that streamlines these processes and seamlessly integrates them into their ERP system. Wondering who these businesses are?  They are generally businesses that deliver products using their own vehicles, but there are other factors too.  

Critical B2B Delivery Processes, Automated 

Below are the B2B delivery processes that xkzero Mobile Commerce automates. Some businesses focus on one of these processes, but combined with the automation and integration of other processes such as picking and loading, payments, and more, xkzero Mobile Commerce adds great value immediately. 

Proof of Delivery: Record the confirmed receipt of goods, including their quantities. Capture the name and signature of receiver with date and time stamp, geo coordinates, and more.  

Direct Store Delivery: Where a supplier or distributor delivers or sells products directly to the location of the product’s final sale or point of consumption. Direct Store Delivery also includes other processes including as information gathering, merchandising, and equipment service. 

Route and Van Sales: The selling and delivering of products by a wholesale distributor directly to its customers. It involves strategically loading inventory in their own trucks in the order they expect to sell along each unique route. 

Pre Sales: The pre sales business model is used by food and beverage industries to better address dynamic consumer needs. Before a scheduled route delivery, an outside sales rep (aka ‘Pre Sale’ rep) visits customer sites in person. The rep assesses need and places a new order to be delivered on the next scheduled route visit. 

Route Optimization: Route Optimization is a process that helps businesses map the most cost-efficient routes for their delivery vehicles, taking many factors into consideration.  

Mobile Business Intelligence: A system that leverages mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to provide businesses with real-time and historical information related to their systems, processes, costs, inventory, and more for analysis. 

Sage 100 and iOS native 

xkzero Mobile Commerce fully integrates with Sage 100, and even leverages Sage custom data to allow for any personalized information requirements a client might have.  

Many mobile solutions focus on one or two features or processes. xkzero Mobile Commerce features span the entire gamut, from picking and loading through delivery (it handles returns too).  

  • Truck-loading Automation 
  • Routing and Logistics 
  • Route Accounting 
  • Payments 
  • Asset and equipment tracking 
  • In the field information gathering 
  • Tasks and smart memos 

For more information about automating delivery processes, visit the xkzero Mobile commerce page.