Adding Sage 100 Integration? Here’s What You Need to Know from ROI

By Anne Sawyer posted 07-07-2021 11:27


Unsurprisingly, the pandemic affected spending in many areas of business, tech, and IT included over the past year. While many businesses were cutting back budgets for adding cutting-edge technology, others were looking to increase budgets on tech to support ongoing remote work. According to SWZD, more than a third of companies increased their IT budgets in 2021 and we are seeing the results.

With last year’s big push to update outdated infrastructure, many businesses are looking to update and/or integrate their Sage 100 ERP. As the 90Minds community is aware, Sage 100 provides a solid ERP platform to help companies track finances, manage accounting, update inventory, and more. The growing e-commerce push coupled with the demand by many B2B e-commerce consumers for a more B2C-like e-commerce experience has many organizations exploring integration options between Sage 100, e-commerce platforms, WMS, CRM, 3PLs, and more.

Finding the Right Integration Solution

While multiple integration solutions exist that will connect to Sage 100, businesses who want to be smart about their IT budgets will be more vigilant about finding the best integration solution for the money … and for integration performance. These critical aspects can help you decide if a solution is the right fit for your business.

  • The company behind the integration solution. Don’t just look at the tool, look at the company creating it. How long have they been in business? What’s their experience level? Ask for customer references to find out what it’s actually like to work with this company, its tool, and its support.
  • Native Sage 100 integration solutions. An integration tool that is native to Sage 100 can offer a more robust integration. Both sales and support will have a deeper understanding of your needs, and your business will benefit from a faster time to value with a lower learning curve.
  • Managing multiple connection points. As your business grows, you may choose to add additional e-commerce platforms, 3pl providers, third-party carts and marketplaces, omnichannel selling, and more. Make sure the Sage 100 integration solution you choose can scale to meet all your integration needs, no matter how fast or how large your business grows.

IN-SYNCH® Sage 100 Integration

One solution that checks off all the boxes above is IN-SYNCH® Sage 100 by ROI, Inc. IN-SYNCH is a Sage 100 installed application that provides real-time data synchronization with any third-party system. This flexible tool can be used for a plethora of integration needs, ranging from basic e-commerce to ERP, to more complex and customized systems. Experience the following benefits:

Accurate Product Information
Customers want to know you’ve got what they need and, if you don’t, your competition may just get the sale instead. Integrating e-commerce, warehouse management, and Sage 100 can provide real-time inventory stock updates between your warehouse shelves and your website. IN-SYNCH ensures accurate information conveys at lightning speed between front-end solutions and ERPs, even if multiple warehouses are included in that connection. Bi-directional data integration takes all orders coming into the warehouse and immediately updates online inventory. Additionally, IN-SYNCH can pull product details and information from Sage 100 to update e-commerce sites automatically with no extra manual steps.

Frictionless Checkout
Close to 70 percent of e-commerce shopping carts across all industries are abandoned, and that rate is even higher on mobile. Convoluted checkout processes can contribute to cart abandonment. IN-SYNCH specializes in Sage 100 process automation, including customer-specific pricing synchronization and tokenized credit card integration, making the buying process smooth and effortless for consumers.

Improved Order Fulfillment
Especially in the Amazon Prime age, customers want shipping and tracking information as soon as possible so they can plan for their order to arrive. IN-SYNCH integration connects systems for timely order fulfillment and complete shipping information, allowing customers to easily keep track of their orders in real-time.

Better Sage 100 Integration with IN-SYNCH

While those are some of the more popular e-commerce Sage 100 integration challenges that IN-SYNCH can solve, the possibilities are endless. From connecting to third-party carts and marketplaces to multiple e-commerce platforms to 3pl providers, and more, IN-SYNCH’s purpose-built Sage 100 integrations can be customized and connected in as many ways as your business does business. ROI’s integration team has more than 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of what Sage 100 customers need and want. The result? An integration tool that will boost your company’s productivity and profitability.

Find out how adding IN-SYNCH to your Sage 100 ERP can set your organization up for sustainable success as we head into the 2nd half of 2021. Talk to an integrations expert now.