Sage 100 Reporting Simplified With Natural Language Query

By 90minds Rocks posted 04-23-2020 16:32

by Joni Girardi, Founder and CEO of DataSelf Corporation

We are all aware of “Natural Language Query” (or NLQ) because it’s what makes internet searching so easy for users to find information fast. By simply typing a few keywords into search engines, users instantly receive pages upon pages of relevant content.

DataSelf Analytics now supports NLQ for Sage 100 making report and dashboard building simpler than ever. In an ever-changing economic climate and working environment, quick and easy inventory, data, sales, and product reporting is crucial for important decision-making.

“Just like searching on the internet, the user just needs to type a question about their Sage 100 data and the report will be created answering that question,“ said Joni Girardi, CEO of DataSelf. “It’s that simple!”

DataSelf comes pre-mapped to Sage 100 and it’s easy for more tech-savvy people to customize the mappings, such as adding UDFs and other tables. This easy-to-customize framework empowers decision makers to provide needed answers anytime, anywhere.

Here are some examples of questions asked and subsequent reports generated:

“Top 10 Customers by Gross Profit in Q3 2019.” Notice that in this example, hovering the cursor over a datapoint allows a pop-up of even more detailed info. Also notice that the report highlights the top customers in blue, and everyone else in grey.

“Sales by State by Year as a Map”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a big role in DataSelf’s NLQ for Sage 100 users as well. As users type their questions, the engine makes sense of the question being entered and provides query options the user can then choose from. In the example below, the search bar drops down two different ways to address the “Sales by Salesperson by Month in 2019” question.

By selecting the option with Invoice Date in 2019, the engine created the following report. Users can bring the human element and easily change the formats into charts or text.

Natural language query in DataSelf helps decision makers easily access their KPIs, their reports and dashboards, their ad-hoc questions, and increases their ability to easily access this information anytime, anywhere. It’s simple, empowering, and is changing the way Sage 100 users can retrieve information in an ever-changing climate.

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